The Vata Dosha: Like a feather in the wind

The three doshas are the key to balance. If you know your dosha and are conscious about it, it will help you make better decisions about your health and nutrition. Here is a brief explanation of the vata dosha type. Do you recognize yourself?


Vata is the energy of space and wind. You are enthusiastic, full of energy and a little bundle of joy – as long as you are in balance. Once you start talking, you won’t stop that easily. Your head is full of good ideas and creative projects. However, you rarely finish them, as your mind will quickly take you elsewhere… Consistency is not your second name.

Stress, hustle, lack of sleep, travel or noise can increase your vata. Too much vata energy in the body can lead to anxiety, sleep disorders and bloating.

Your physique is naturally slim and slender. You have never heard of calorie counting before: You can eat large portions without gaining a lot of weight – that’s why kaphas sometimes secretly hate you for it 😉

Imbalanced vata doshas can quickly feel overwhelmed and anxious. 

Vata Dosha like a dandelion in the wind
© Unsplash, Saad Chaudry

Everything that calms your monkey mind is therefore perfect to balance it out: meditation in the morning, breathing exercises, yoga. Plus, surround yourself with people who are good for your soul.

Your sensitive mind, as well as your hunger and digestion, can be erratic. Typically, your digestive fire Agni is not the strongest. Beans, raw vegetables and too many nuts can quickly irritate your digestion. But: Warm, juicy and soft food is optimal for you to balance the cold and dry qualities in your body. Keep in mind that especially in the evening, your meal should not be too heavy.

With a few tricks you can keep your mobile vata dosha on track. Drink warm beverages and eat moist, warm food throughout the day. Soups, porridge, oven-roasted vegetables, stews or curries are your favourites. Starchy vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potato or parsnip provide grounding qualities. Season your meals with warming and digestive spices like cinnamon, cumin, and cardamom. In addition: Avoid cold and dry foods like crackers or popcorn.

Are you Vata? Find out your dominant Dosha and take the Dosha test!