Wellicious C2C Yoga Bra Review: Comfort meets style

Wellicious C2C Yoga Bra Review. Yoga Asana is a very important part of my daily yoga practice. There’s something undeniably freeing and grounding for me about engaging in moving my body – whether it’s the primary series of ashtanga or just flowing with music creating my own flows. Sometimes I like to push my limits with fast paced moves and strong poses. On other days I prefer to fully surrender and just hold three or five poses for a longer time and enjoy the sweet moment of a long savasana.

But no matter what kind of practice: For me, the right yoga wear isn’t just about aesthetics but about practicality that supports every pose and movement. As someone who values a thriving earth and tries to follow the Yoga ethics and moral codes, the concept of slipping into yoga wear that’s not only comfortable but also environmentally conscious resonates deeply with me.

Sustainable luxury Yoga Wear Brand Wellicious has been making waves not only for its sustainable ethos, but also for its commitment to crafting yoga wear that seamlessly blends comfort, style and functionality. Time for me to try it out! Here is my Wellicious C2C Yoga Bra Review.

Wellicious Yoga Wear: A sustainable slow fashion revolution

Wellicious is a UK and Germany based brand that specializes in producing sustainable and eco-friendly yoga and active wear. The brand places a strong emphasis on using ethically sourced materials and employing responsible manufacturing practices to minimize their impact on the planet. They are known for creating high-quality garments that are not only comfortable and stylish but also environmentally conscious. The Cradle to Cradle Certified® yoga product line isn’t merely about crafting stylish and comfortable clothing – it’s about setting a precedent for responsible consumption and production, representing commitment to a healthier planet and a more mindful way of living.

Wellicious’ yoga wear collection includes a range of leggings, tops, bras and other activewear essentials that are designed to provide both functionality and fashion. The brand often incorporates innovative fabrics like organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials known for their comfort, breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

Wellicious Yoga Wear
Quality instead of quantity: Innovative Materials, Mindful Manufacturing

The brand’s dedication to sourcing materials like organic cotton and Tencel, along with their commitment to responsible manufacturing, showcases a genuine effort to make a positive impact. With the exception of their GOTS certified organic cotton, every product from the fabrics to the final collection pieces is made in Europe. The brand claims to uphold the most stringent working and environmental norms, aligning seamlessly with European principles concerning health, safety and the environment – including minimizing the carbon footprint.

Wellicious C2C Yoga Bra Review: Cradle to Cradle – From source to soul

The heart of the Cradle to Cradle approach lies in its meticulous attention to every facet of the garment’s lifecycle. Wellicious has intricately woven sustainability into its design, material selection, manufacturing – and even the afterlife of its products. This comprehensive strategy ensures that every piece in the collection embodies the essence of a circular economy. Best thing: Apparently the pieces are made to last!

Aligning with yogi’s principples

The sustainability aspect holds even greater importance for me as I practice the principle of aparigraha – the yogic concept of non-possessiveness and minimalism. Wellicious’ commitment to creating items that last long aligns perfectly with my values, allowing me to buy consciously and own fewer items that truly stand the test of time.

Wellicious C2C Yoga Bra Back View

The Look and Feel

The fabrics, carefully chosen for their softness and comfort, provide an immediate sense of well-being. I remember the first moment I slipped into the C2C Control Bra: I knew this was a top I didn’t want to take off so soon – it has a luxurious feel and really offers a second-skin sensation. During my practice I barely felt the bra, allowing me to completely focus on my breath and moves.

What I really like is that the brand understands the importance of aesthetic harmony: Their designs, thoughtfully curated to be both fashionable and functional, allow you to transition seamlessly from your yoga class to casual outings without skipping a beat. The colors are elegant and calming, and the cuts are flattering yet unrestrictive – a combination that strikes the perfect balance between style and flexibility.

My Wellicious C2C Yoga Bra Review: A heartfelt recommendation

If you’re looking for yoga bra that fits well, doesn’t constrict and ensures your breasts are well supported during your practice while embracing sustainability, the Cradle to Cradle bra from Wellicious is an investment you won’t regret. In the world of sustainable yoga wear, this top emerges as a true gem, earning my heartfelt recommendation.

Hands down: Sustainability never felt (and looked) so good! I have tried a lot of yoga bras and love that this piece not only exemplifies the brand’s dedication to eco-friendly practices, but also stands as a symbol of comfort, support and style that resonates deeply with my yoga journey.

Elevate your yoga practice with Wellicious’s commitment to eco-friendly elegance. If you’re as excited about the Cradle to Cradle bra from Wellicious as I am, I’m happy to announce a special offer for you! Use the code BOWLSANDFLOWS at checkout to enjoy an exclusive 10 % discount on your purchase.

Yogi in Wellicious Yoga Wear

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