Morning Balance (english)

Infuse your mornings with ayurvedic magic and let every breakfast be a step towards a more balanced, vibrant you.

Elevate your mornings and transform your breakfast into a sacred ritual of self-care: Immerse yourself in the art of Ayurvedic eating combined with vegan food principles, through recipes and tips designed to harmonize body, mind and spirit. Start each day not just nourished, but truly awakened to a deeper sense of well-being and joy.



Transform your breakfast into a tailored, soul-nourishing experience. This guide is more than just a collection of recipes – it’s an invitation to turn your first meal of the day into an act of self-care and love. “Morning Balance” encourages you to embrace breakfast as a cherished ritual, elevating it beyond a mere item on your daily to-do list to a moment of deep nourishment for your body, mind and spirit.

Discover insights into Ayurvedic fundamentals, explore the doshas, and find our the vital role breakfast plays in the ancient wellness system of Ayurveda. This eBook seamlessly blends Ayurvedic principles with vegan food philosophies, offering a unique perspective on combining healthful eating practices. You’ll gain knowledge about the qualities of foods, the significance of tastes and spices, and the Ayurvedic rules of eating that promote optimal health and digestion.

Featuring 17 meticulously curated recipes, both sweet and savory, “Morning Balance” is designed to ensure you start your day feeling your absolute best. Each recipe is crafted to align with your unique needs and desires, allowing you to experience the joy and harmony that a balanced morning meal can bring to your life.

9 reviews for Morning Balance (english)

  1. Max

    Highly recommended!
    This e-book is full of delicious and inspiring recipes!
    You can clearly tell that Elina is an expert and puts a lot of effort combined with love into her work.
    Keep it up Elina, I can’t wait to see what you are going to show us next! 💚

  2. Anna

    I‘m a fan of both, Elina and the ebook! The recipes are well curated and so nourishing. As a more of a savory-breakfast-person I really liked the salty options like the Kurkuma Chickpea Omelette (it’s so good!).
    Thank you for guiding us into a balanced start into the day! Keep on shining🤍

  3. Charlotte

    Love this book so much! All the recipes are easy to make, healthy and sooo good. Especially the granola and porridge have become staples in my household! All of the input about Ayurvedic foods is so interesting as well and really got me hooked. Can’t wait for the next book!!

  4. Michelle (verified owner)

    Learned so much with this book! Recipes are easy to integrate into everyday cooking and you feel healthy fit and nourished afterwards. Hoping for lunch and dinner recipes soon! 👌

  5. Emilia

    This book was a game changer for my mornings. The recipes are easy, delicious, healthy and very diverse in flavors. On top I gained interesting knowledge about the basics of vegan Ayurvedic nutrition. The design is beautiful as well and makes the recipes look mouth watering …

  6. Marleen

    Thank you so much for this great Book! It is a real inspiration for my first steps into Ayurveda and the recipes are easy and so tasty!! You have to try it! I hope for another book with salty recipes 🤩🤩

  7. Hannah

    Love it! 5/5 stars 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  8. Jana

    Can’t imagine my morning routines without this book anymore! Especially the Chai Ginger Granola has such a positive impact on my wellbeing! I really appreciate Elinas work!

  9. Abbie

    Beautiful! Elina’s content never fails to encapsulate me and this book was no different. The information is so easily digested and everything is explained in such an informative but beautifully written way. The basic principles around Ayurveda and the doshas in relation to cooking, in particular breakfast dishes are covered very well. One thing I struggle with when trying to incorporate Ayurveda into my cooking is how complex the dishes can be and the amount of ingredients needed. I did not find this with Elina’s recipes, they are simple with the staple cupboard ingredients used but well thought out and put together allowing you to produce something you’d see in a high quality, whole food restaurant or cafe. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone getting started with Ayurveda, or anyone who fancies trying something tasty, new and nutritious. I will continue working my way through the recipes and am very much looking forward to the lunch and dinner ones to come (I hope!). This book has taken away the angst around cooking in a more Ayurvedic way and replaced it with pure excitement! Thank you Elina x

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