The pitta dosha: Stoke (and control) the inner fire

The three doshas are the key to balance. If you know your dosha and are conscious about it, it will help you make better decisions about your health and nutrition. Here is a brief explanation of the pitta dosha type. Can you recognize yourself?

Faster, better, stronger: Pitta Dosha is all about the fire

Pitta combines the elements of water and fire – in the most perfectionist way. Further, faster, better: Pitta constitutions are driven to be the best version of themselves every day. Whether it’s swimming, calisthenics or running a marathon: Pittas love to exert themselves physically and to let their energy run free.

Ambitious, passionate and determined: You are a true leader and only stop when your long list of tasks is completed. You don’t ponder over decisions for a long time, but tackle them right away. Let’s say: You are a workaholic. When stress or an unhealthy lifestyle throws you off balance, it can show up as impatience, anger, and an unhealthy red complexion 

In addition to your ambitious plans, hunger is your constant companion. Even after the XXL portion and the second dessert you are still hungry. Speaking of hunger, “Hangry” is your middle name when you’re out of food. Your hot and transformative energy can be soothed with cool, alkaline, and filling foods.

Even if it is extremely difficult for Pitta constitutions, you should try to integrate calm and decelerating elements into your everyday life in order to balance your fiery energy: Yin yoga or meditation for example.

Because of their strong fire, Pittas do not need to be as careful with their diet as Vata or Kapha doshas. They can digest whole grains and legumes well with lots of vegetables and fresh salads. Of all constitutions, they tolerate raw food and cold food best. Fruit juices, green leafy vegetables, grains, and plant based protein sources are great energy sources for Pittas. Spicy food, red meat, onions and garlic have a negative impact on Pitta dosha.

Meet my friend Paul, the perfect pitta

One of my good friends is the perfect example for a pitta dosha: Paul works hard for his own company – always first one in the office and last one out, always questioning himself, never allowing himself to calm down or to take a break. He runs 10 km every day (sometimes at 11 pm at night) and loves to do intense workouts.

Once he lost a bet against me – that’s when I persuaded him to join a yin yoga class with me. From the moment we entered the calm, peaceful room until the class was finished, I could feel every cell of his body fighting against the long and deep holds of the yin yoga practice: He was moving the whole time, looking around and even though i could tell by his face that he was in pain, he forced himself into every pose. After savasana, he jumped up immediately to perform some handstand push ups (!) against the wall.

When we went for dinner (of course he was hungry after the class), Paul said: “Okay, I like running better because I can clearly see the results after every lap I run. To be honest, Yin yoga feels a bit boring to me. Everything was so slow. But I think I did pretty well, right?” Oh Paul, you sure did.

Meal Ideas to cool down

As we’ve explored the unique characteristics and qualities of the Pitta dosha, it becomes evident how significantly it influences our physical and mental well-being. Balancing the Pitta dosha is not just about understanding its attributes; it’s also about aligning our lifestyle and diet to maintain harmony within.

Speaking of diet, the role of food in balancing the Pitta dosha cannot be overstated. Certain foods can either aggravate or soothe Pitta, and knowing what to eat is crucial for those looking to maintain this balance. In my article “Pitta Meal Ideas“, we delve into the world of culinary delights that are not only delicious but also Pitta-balancing. From cooling herbs to nourishing vegetables, we’ll explore recipes that are tailor-made for those with a predominant Pitta constitution.

Dosha Test: Find out your type

Are you curious to find out which dosha predominates in your constitution? Knowing your dosha can be incredibly enlightening and can guide you in making more informed choices about your diet, lifestyle and wellness practices. The Dosha Type Test can help you discover your primary dosha. This knowledge empowers you to embrace a lifestyle that supports your unique nature.