Rock solid with a heart of gold: The Kapha Dosha

The three doshas are the key to live a balances life. If you know your dosha and are conscious about it, it will help you make better decisions about your health and nutrition. Here is a brief explanation of the kapha dosha type. Do you recognize yourself?


The grounding and calming qualities of the elements water and earth make you a calm, patient, steady and content personality with a heart of gold. You can be recognised by your strong joints, your soft body shape and your gentle eyes.

You love to take care of others, to listen to their problems and you are only feeling happy when everyone else around you is doing well too. In balance you are thoughtful, endurant and deliberate. You like structure and cozy evenings at home in good company. 

Food is your passion – but sometimes you eat beyond your hunger. In contrast to fiery pitta types, your metabolism has to get going in the morning. This works best if you get up early, do cardio sport and drink a fresh ginger tea with lemon. It’s easy for you to skip breakfast because you’re only really hungry at lunchtime. In the evening, your dinner should be eaten early as your digestion slows down again when the sun sets. Light and warm food is the best choice for you at this time: Soups, stews and currys with heaps of vegetables and some hot spices.

Eat fewer carbohydrates and fats in your meal compositions. Instead, fill your plate with beans, lentils and high-fiber vegetables. And even if it’s hard: try to reduce snacking and to resist sweet temptations.

Be careful not to get caught up in the same routine: stagnation, sluggishness and a few extra pounds are signs of excess kapha.


I am not sure why, but many of my friends are not a huge fan of the kapha qualities – they prefer the light and fiery vata-pitta characteristics instead of the more slow, stable kapha qualities. In this fast and crazy world driven by success: No surprise really. But, there’s a catch. First of all, everyone is made up from all three doshas and everyone carries all of the qualities. Secondly, I strongly believe that kapha holds some of the best and nourishing qualities for us. If you are a kapha, you know who you are and what you stand for. You know how important it is to take rests and breaks from the busy huzzle around us. To look inside and to recharge. Please feel encouraged to embrace your kapha qualities and to slow down sometimes. You are a star – and everyone can be so lucky to be calling you his or her friend.

Let me tell you about my friend Marlen, who is a kapha constitution and who I truly admire for her qualities: Every time I spend time with her, I feel deeply nourished after. I always feel comfortable around her and she is the best listener and advisorer. Maybe it’s because the way she looks at me and really sees me. Or because of her soulfull voice that I could listen to for hours – eventhough she frequently reminds me to slow down and that I am enough. Surely it is because she feels like an anchor for me. Just texting with her during a busy day makes me feel grounded and brings my mobile vata monkey mind back on track.

If you think kaphas are lazy or can not perform as high as other doshas because of their qualities: Don’t be fooled! Kapha doshas are super endurant and full of surprises. I met Marlen in Journalism School and that girl really is a high performer! I still don’t know how she did it, but she managed to write her master thesis aside from working full (and more) time for one of Germanys most popular magazines, hosting a successful podcast and writing her own weekly column for an online blog. Not to mention she didn’t miss one single party that summer. So how did she do it? As I mentioned before, kaphas are super endurant and can keep going for a looong time. And in comparison to active vata and fiery pitta doshas, she sure knew how to take breaks to recharge her energy. For Marlen, sometimes this was sleeping in and having the laziest Sunday ever. If I was lucky, we got to spend those days together.